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How to Create a Content Calendar

by Previous Team Member on August 16th, 2012

As search engines continue to change and evolve the way they rank websites, the content marketing (what you say) is what is making companies and people stand out. It’s about the content, really!  To create great content you need to

1. Understand Your Goals

2. Know Your Audience Personas

3. Research Keywords – The Way They Talk About What You Do/Offer/Sell

In today’s digital marketing world it is about content marketing. Creating content, which can be written, video, images, polls, and the like to reach out and connect with your audiences. The more you connect with your audiences through content, the more they become engaged with your company, your services, your products.

Distributing your content through your website and social media channels should be done thoughtfully and where your target audiences are. Not everything happens on Twitter or Facebook (really).


Creating the content for your content calendar:

  • Your calendar needs to tie in with your overall marketing plan.
  • Start with looking at any peaks or seasonality in your business over the 12 months.
  • Content needs to be created often, consistently and created specifically for your target audiences.
  • What types of questions and calls do you get often from customers or new prospects? Turn those questions in to FAQs on your website, blog posts with more detail to educate your audience, and break that into small tips to post in social media. Customer service and sales staff can be great assets in this information.
  • Set Google Alerts for topics related to your business (services, products, industry, etc) and look for discussions taking place – what can you share, make your own?
  • Ask questions of your audience. If they are in tune with you socially, you will get input and feedback from them.
  • Have some “evergreen content” on standby… just in case.

Evergreen content are types of content that you can always turn to, especially in social media posts. You can have industry standards,stats & metrics from related organizations and associations or product information to sprinkle in to more time specific posts.

These tips should get you started thinking about your content calendar and overall content strategy.

And, to help you out, our team has created a sample content calendar to help you plan your different types of content.

About the Author

Previous Team Member has written posts on Piece of MIND(scape).

This author is a past MINDSCAPE team member and this post was written while employed at MINDSCAPE. We continue to share this information because the topic and direction of the post remain valuable to our audience and consistent with our approach.


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